Gas Leak Causes Businesses To Shut Down

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Crews are working to repair a gas line that was struck early this morning causing area businesses to close.

Atmos Energy was able to shut down gas to that line before it turned dangerous.

Around 10 a.m. Atmos Energy was alerted that a boring rig hit a 9-foot-deep natural gas line off of Harvey Road.

From the inside Post Oak Mall looked the same until, you got to the food court.

While Atmos Energy is fixing the problem, they turned the gas line off as a safety measure. That means gas stoves weren't turning on for several restaurants at Post Oak Mall.

“It was right at lunch time, so they were all saying you can't be serious, and it's like yes unfortunately we are serious,” said Paul Loy, general manager for Post Oak Mall.

Each business dealt with customers differently. Raising Cane’s stayed open and only sold drinks.

Charles Stover, who owns Flip N Peel, just shut down the restaurant.

"People walk up and ask what's going on we assure him it is not our problem. We had a gas line break. A lot of customers have the concern that maybe something was leaking in the air,” said Stover.

No residents were affected.

Manchu Wok at the food court sold all the food they had made before the gas leak, and next door, Roman Delight Pizza closed after they ran out of food.

Contractors were originally working on upgrading a water line. That work will begin back up after the leak is fixed.

Atmos Energy says that could take up to close of business tomorrow.

Mattress Sleep Center in College Station also shut down for a couple of hours as a safety precaution.