'Godless Billboards' Turning Heads in the Brazos Valley

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The Brazos Valley Coalition of Reason, an atheist and agnostic organization, has a message for drivers in our area - "Don't believe in God? You're not alone."

Those words now appear on four billboards in our area, and they are sponsored by the Brazos Valley CoR.

However, some people on the road are unimpressed with the "Godless Billboards".

"Well, that's not good. I don't think," said Lenoris Taylor. "That's rebelling against God, a board like that."

The people behind the ads say they aren't trying to offend believers. Their goal is to welcome non-believers.

"I've gotten a few emails from people who were rude, but for the most part, I've received a lot of emails from people saying, 'Wow I'm glad to see you guys here'," said Shamar Hawkins, Brazos Valley Coalition of Reason.

Hawkins says he hopes the billboards will make people realize non-believers are a part of this community.

"If you tell people you don't believe in God, you see jaws drop. It's important in areas like this, where non-believers are more of a minority, to have a community," said Hawkins.

"My faith is strong, as far as my belief in God, and for someone to put a billboard up like that. I don't agree with that," said Joe Yett.

For now, drivers who don't agree with the organization's message will just have to look the other way, because the ads will be up for the next four weeks.

There are currently four billboards up on prominent roads around the Brazos Valley - including one near downtown Bryan, one in Northwest Bryan, one on Highway Six in Navasota, and one on FM 60 near Snook.