Going the Extra Mile for Human Trafficking

Chance Stephens is walking across the country to raise awareness for Human Trafficking.
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COLLEGE STATION - The US State Department estimates that over half a million people, mostly minors, are trafficked across international borders each year.

But there are some fighting back to lower that number.

Two men are going the extra miles to raise awareness. A lot of miles, to Virginia Beach.

The journey started in California last year.

"Walking just gives me an opportunity to take the time to get it done," said Chance Stephens, who started walking across the country in September.

Helped along the way by prayer.

"I ended up asking God one day to use my hands and the very next day I ran into Tiny Hands and 90 days later I flew to California to start my walk," Stephens said.

Stephens is an Air Force veteran on a mission.

"If I'm able to stand up for the less-fortunate, I'm in turn protecting the hearts of those who have no idea what's about to happen to them."

To save lives.

"We're walking across America to raise money for a group called Tiny Hands International. They prevent 130 women from going into sexual slavery every month."

He arrived, injured, in Lamesa back in February. Jacob Leonard only needed two days to think about joining Chance as he recovered at Leonard's home.

"Well I was sitting at home doing absolutely nothing," Leonard said.

"It's helped me grow a lot. It's helped me know how to defend my faith and helped me know the steps I need to take to strengthen my faith."

He hasn't looked back.

"It's a lot better use of my time."

The journey hasn't been without its difficulties.

"We're trying to raise money for women so they wouldn't be sexually abused anymore and it's sad that it takes money to do that in today's system, but that's how it is, and a lot of people turn us down because of money," said Stephens

You can help.

"If we can raise our goal, we can prevent 1,300 women from going into sexual slavery," said Stephens.

And tell the story.

"More people are going to have to know about it before it ends and it's going to take a lot of people to end it," Stephens said.

"If I could leave a message, I would want everybody to remember that there are people that are being afflicted right now, sexually abused, and it's got to stop."