Golfers Hear Ideas, Sound Off on Bryan Municipal Golf's Future

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The debate over the fate of golf in the City of Bryan continued Sunday night.

Mayor Jason Bienski's proposal is to turn the Bryan Municipal Golf Course into a super park with fields for a number of different sports. That idea has riled up a number of golfers.

A group of them met at the Phillips Event Center to hear about the options and look over that facility.

As News 3 reported Friday, as part of the plan to create the super park, Bienski is proposing to pay $50,000-a-year to the former Briarcrest Country Club and its new owner, Wallace Phillips. In exchange, Phillips Event Center would charge municipal golf course rates over the next 20 years. Plus, a senior center would be created on the property.

However, golfers in attendance Sunday night were overwhelmingly against the super park proposal.

"There's no reason to close the Bryan Muni," one speaker said. "It's been here for...80 years? I learned to play there. I could have come over here and become a member way back then when it was first opened. I want to play where I want to play."

Ideas for the proposed super park will be discussed at a city council meeting in the coming weeks.

"We've made offers to the Muni players now to come over if Muni does or doesn't shut down, but the subsidizing of the $50,000 per year is based on Muni shutting down," Phillips said.