Gov. Perry Announces Initiatives to Protect Life, End Abortions

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HOUSTON – Gov. Rick Perry today outlined initiatives to strengthen the state’s ban on abortions and strengthen standards of care for women seeking abortions. He was joined by Senator-elect Donna Campbell and pro-life groups at the Source Pregnancy Center in Houston.

“Over the last decade, Texas has taken extraordinary steps to protect the lives of the unborn, but when 80,000 lives continue to be lost to abortion each year in our state, we know our work is far from over,” Gov. Perry said. “In Texas, the Legislature meets for only 140 days every other year. As supporters of life, we have an obligation to make sure that every one of those days counts when it comes to protecting our most vulnerable citizens.”

Ten states have already recognized the need to protect unborn children who are capable of feeling pain. The governor also outlined measures to strengthen standards of care for women seeking abortions, including requiring physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital, and requiring abortion clinics to be licensed as ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs).

“It's time to acknowledge 21st century medicine and technology with 21st century legislation. We need to protect the tiniest and weakest of Texans, our children, both born and unborn,” Senator-elect Campbell said. “In addition, we should champion women's health by holding facilities and physicians that perform abortions to the same standards as ambulatory surgery centers and physicians. Our duty is to protect the general welfare of Texans, and I will work everyday to keep Texas strong and healthy."

Abortion is the second most common surgical procedure in America, and the only one in Texas not currently required to be performed at a hospital, physician’s office or surgical center prior to 16 weeks gestation. The provisions outlined by Gov. Perry ensure patients have appropriate access to emergency medical care in the event of a complication, and that facilities are safe, sanitary and capable of handling possible complications.

Gov. Perry has worked diligently to protect unborn life in Texas. He signed both parental notification and parental consent laws to ensure parents are involved in their minor daughters' major decisions, along with a ban that ensures tax dollars are not used to support abortion facilities. He also supported and signed the Woman's Right to Know Act, and has worked with lawmakers to fund and promote alternatives to abortion. Last session, the governor signed a law that will prevent abortions in Texas until after the mother has had a sonogram, because women deserve to have all the information before making such a life-ending decision.