Grimes County Commissioners Rescind Support of Highway 249 Plan

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GRIMES COUNTY, Texas - Grimes County Commissioners have officially removed their support for an extension of Highway 249, the so-called "Aggie Highway", which would provide a quicker drive between Navasota and north Houston.

Some don't like the idea of a toll road.

News 3 spoke with commissioners and landowners about slowing down plans.

Grimes County Commissioners want more answers from TxDOT about the proposed Highway 249 also called the Aggie Highway.

The preferred route is a 14 mile segment connecting State Highway 105 east of Highway 6 to the planned Highway 249 extension in Pinehurst.

This week Commissioner Pam Finke and two others voted to rescind support of the project in a 3-2 vote.

"It's not that we are completely against any new roads or things like that, but we're really concerned about the toll road. We just don't really foresee that it will be beneficial to Grimes County," said Finke of Grimes County Precinct 4.

David Tullos of Plantersville and Bill Leman of Stoneham could have their property impacted by the highway and are part of a new Citizens Advisory Group hoping to halt plans.

"All 54 volunteers in the advisory group have worked really really hard to channel some community input to our commissioners to make them realize that this road is not a good deal for Grimes County," said David Tullos.

"Here in Grimes County we love our farmland and this road comes through some of the best green hills and beautiful farm land that has been here for a long time that we love so much, and we want them to use existing roads," said Bill Leman.

While many questions remain about what the final route would be, the City of Navasota as well as County Judge Betty Shiflett have remained supportive of the project.

Shiflett said she was disappointed by the vote as she and Commissioner Barbara Walker voted to maintain their support.

TxDOT says the vote from commissioners will be taken into consideration along with other comments.

TxDOT plans to have another public hearing in September or October and is also waiting on an environmental study.

As of right now the proposed route would go through private property, but no homes would be displaced.

Construction on the Highway 249 extension could begin as soon as next year.

TxDOT could also decide not to build.

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