Grimes County Elementary Students Help Fight Hunger

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One in 6 households don't know where their next meal will come from. When there are kids in the house, the number drops to one in four.

KBTX and the Brazos Valley Food Bank are gearing up for 17th annual Food For Families Food Drive on December 5th.

To get ready, we're sharing stories of communities coming together to help fight hunger.

The Anderson-Shiro Consolidated School District is stepping up big this year and putting class against class to help bring in canned food items. It's a competition that keeps the students at Anderson-Shiro Elementary engaged and involved.

It's just after 8 a.m. at Andeson-Shiro Elementary in Grimes County and there's music playing in the gym.

Judging from the hundreds of dancing students, it's safe to say that mornings are pretty fun.

Most mornings these days involve canned food. The Owls at Anderson-Shiro are in a competition to collect the most food items.

The Student Council is responsible for organizing and helping keep track of the donations.

These second and third graders have it all figured out. Like the what.

"We're doing something important, like, we're trying to feed, trying to give people who are starving food, so they don't starve to death," says Will Lewis.

And the why.

"If they don't have anything to eat they could really get hungry," explains Azaria Falls.

Each day over the last few weeks, students have been bringing canned food items one bag at a time. Each day the pile grows.

"They say the more we bring in the more people we help, which is true," says Duncan Benton.

A big lesson being learned outside the classroom.

"What I want people to do is have food, be happy and live," shares Benton

Not a bad outlook from a third grader.