Grimes County Go Texan Raises $32,000 for Local Students

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Over $30,000 in scholarship funds were raised at the 2012 Grimes County "Go Texan" event last Saturday.

Friday's dance drew in around 650 people, while Saturday's dance had around 900 people attend.

Here are the winners in the Cook-Off:
County BBQ: (56 entries)
1st Place – Dollar Bills (going to Houston in 2014)
2nd Place – Game Day Cookers #3
3rd Place – Swangerettes #2

Open BBQ: (18 entries)
1st Place – Game Day Cookers #1
2nd Place – Super Chango BBQ
3rd Place – Bite Me BBQ

Ribs: (74 entries)
1st Place – Backdoor Smokers
2nd Place – Swangers #1
3rd Place – Team of Navasota

Chicken: (74 entries)
1st Place – Team of Navasota
2nd Place – Swangers #1
3rd Place – Killin Time Queens

Chili: (62 entries)
1st Place – Burton Creek Cookers
2nd Place – Sayersville Social Club
3rd Place – Wild Crew

Bloody Mary: (36 entries)
1st Place – Spinning S Cookers
2nd Place - Swangerettes
3rd Place – Superior Cookers

High Point Team Overall: Team of Navasota

Horseshoes: (12 Teams)
1st Place – Harvey Wellmann & Herbert Faithauer from Washington County
2nd Place – Brian Perry & Mike Stoll from Grimes County (going to Houston)

Washer Toss: (12 Teams)
1st Place – Justin Perry & Russell Pasket from Grimes County

Jr. Team Sorting: Rance Imhoff & John Luthe (Won 2nd Place Overall in Houston)

Sr. Team Sorting: Mark Shimshack & Jimmy Shimshack

Domino Tournament:
1st Place – Darrin Pasket & Tim Busa

Best of Show (Cook-Off Teams): HideAway Ranch Cookers