Grimes County Sheriff's Office Seize More Than Pound Of Meth, Other Drugs

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The Grimes County Sheriff's Office is cracking down on drug crimes, making a large drug bust Tuesday in Bedias.

Two people were busted for dealing methamphetamines, marijuana and crack cocaine.

49-year-old Teresa Davenport of Bedias as well as 41-year-old Robert Turner of Madisonville face felony charges for manufacture / deliver of a controlled substance.

The drugs were seized during a search warrant after tips led investigators to a home in the 20400 block of Roy Hall Road in Bedias.

At the property police found more than a pound of methamphetamine, 39 grams of crack cocaine, 28 grams of marijuana and $1,583 in cash which was seized.

Investigators believe the two were dealing drugs.

Members of the Anti-drug Strike Force Unit say meth is their number one problem. They continue to work to shut down all operations within the county.

"Our message is pretty clear now that that if you're selling narcotics of any type that we are going to finally get you and we will put you in jail for it," said Lt. Ryan Rutledge of the Grimes County Sheriff's Office.

Turner and Davenport both turned themselves in to the Grimes County Jail Thursday morning

They are both now free on $150,000 bond each.

It's unclear the relationship Robert Turner and Teresa Davenport have, but investigators say they were both living in the home.