Grimes County residents seek answers regarding Highway 249 expansion plan

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Grimes County residents continue to voice their concerns about the state plan to extend Highway 249 from the Houston suburbs to Navasota.

The so-called "Aggie Highway" would be 14 miles long, connecting State Highway 105 east of Highway 6 to the 249 extension in Pinehurst. Those against it say they don't see the benefits to the area, and want more answers from TX-DOT on why it has to be a toll road.

Residents asked if the proposed plan is a done deal which TX DOT says it's not. Many asked why the existing roads of Highway 105 can't be expanded.

The biggest concern was whether residents would have a voice on what happens or would TX DOT simply come in and start the project.

TX DOT says they are listening to all concerns. They are waiting on an environmental assessment due in the fall from and independent contractor to determine a number of things including how many homes this will affect.