Guilty Plea Sends Former Adult Care Facility Owner to Prison

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The former owner and operator of local assisted living homes is heading to prison after pleading guilty Monday to ten felonies.

Rose Rodriguez was first arrested in June of last year on perjury, tampering with evidence and theft charges, and more charges were tacked on in June and August of this year.

The former owner of the Rose Home will serve four years in prison for her crimes, along with ten years of probation. She'll also have to repay a little more than $76,000 to people she stole from.

The 47-year-old lied under oath when asked whether she had been operating multiple unlicensed adult care homes, and was accused of providing poor care to residents.

The charges and sentences break down as follows:

- four counts of aggravated perjury: four years in prison
- one count of tampering with evidence: four years in prison
- three counts of theft of property $1,500-$20,000: nine months in state jail
- two counts of theft by deception $20,000-$100,000: four years in prison, but changed to ten years probation (prison sentence would go into effect if terms of probation aren't met)

The sentences were ordered to be served concurrently.