Gunler Foods Inc. Brings New Local Jobs

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Hundreds of new jobs are coming to the Brazos Valley. A Mexican-based company called Gunler broke ground Tuesday on what will be home to a $15M facility at the Texas Triangle Park in Bryan. The company will bottle olive and vegetable oils for distribution to supermarkets around the country.

“We come before you to give thanks; nothing is impossible and everything is possible,” said a Brazos Valley Priest Tuesday afternoon.

It's not your typical ground breaking ceremony…

“The United States is one of the bigger producers of cooking oil so that's why here we are,” said President of Gunler Foods Inc. Erick Garcia.

Although it doesn't look like much now, 25 acres of the Texas Triangle Park will feature Gunler Foods first U.S. Based production facility for bottling and labeling edible oil products. Just to put things into perspective, the 110,000 square foot facilities will be twice the size of the Village Foods grocery store in Bryan.

The President & CEO expects both facilities to be running within six months, which means over two hundred and 50 jobs in Brazos Valley.

"It's going to be different levels; directors, managers, employees,” said Garcia.

Those jobs are expected to bring job training as well as an average salary of 30,000-thousand dollars a year.

“In a down economy that we've seen and experienced in the last few years, we're blessed to have a company like Gunler Foods to come to Bryan to be our first premier business,” said Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski.

The growth is a positive sign and one that will ensure jobs, money and prosperity keeps rolling in to the Brazos Valley.

Gunler's president says the company has formed a partnership with Texas A&M and Blinn College to provide job training.