Guns, Bullets and Meth found during Bryan Traffic Stop

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BRYAN - It was an expired inspection sticker and registration tag that caught the attention of police, but it was what police found inside the car that landed two Bryan residents in jail.

Around 8pm Friday, Bryan Police stopped 28 year old Christopher James Morgan at the 200 block of Lynn Drive. Upon talking to him, officers spotted prescription pill boxes containing rifle bullets.

Police then asked Morgan to step out of the car, and searched his pockets, that's when they found meth.

When asked if there was a rifle in the car, Morgan said yes and that they belonged to the passenger, 29 year old Elizabeth Lane Hill.

But after trying to claim the gun as hers, Hill confessed to police that the gun really belonged to Morgan.

Police continued to search the car and that's when they found two 22-rifles, rifle bullets, meth, and other drug paraphernalia. Both were arrested and taken to jail.