Habitat For Humanity Provides Local Residents With New Homes

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Many of us have been out shopping and buying gifts for one another while some Habitat for Humanity workers have been building a home for a Bryan family, just in time for Christmas.

The City of Bryan and Habitat for Humanity handed the Martinez Ibarra family a set of special keys.

Gerardo Ibarra turns the key as he and his family walk into a new chapter of life.

After applying for the last two years, The Martinez Ibarra family received a new home with the help of Habitat For Humanity.

"I still have that dream that I ain't gonna give up, I ain't gonna let it go," said Ibarra.

The family contributed 200 hours into the building of their home and another 300 hours into another home.

"To put in the first nail in that wood felt like so much joy in there. I put it in with a lot of heart and a lot of pride because I knew towards the end of finishing this house, it would be mine. A gift I never had, " said Ibarra.

They walked us through their new home with a room for everyone.
And ready to make the house their own, the family starts moving in.

Volunteers signed their attic stairs, memories that can never be erased and a constant reminder of those ready to lend a helping hand.

"You know there are people who are good, who do help out families in need," said Ibarra.

The home wasn't given to them. It cost the Martinez Ibarra family about $70,000 dollars. They have to pay off the mortgage, but it's interest- free.