Handmade Bowls Made Locally To Help End Hunger

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Hundreds of handmade bowls, created by local students and teachers, were sold today to help feed the hungry.

For several months students and teachers of College Station ISD and Allen Academy have been creating these beautiful handmade bowls for Empty Bowls, a nation-wide project designed to raise money to end hunger and food insecurity.

The fundraiser was held at The Arts Council of Brazos Valley. Members of the BCS community donated their funds and their appetite to a worthy cause.

"The fact that we made it out of recyclable materials. I really love having our work showcased, because, especially because each individual piece is different, and each individual piece has a message,” said Barbra Tsao, a senior at Allen Academy.

Collectively, Empty Bowls fund-raisers across the United States have raised several millions of dollars and are held in over a dozen countries around the globe.