Harvey Road Water Main Construction Kicks Into High Gear

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News 3 told you earlier this month about a major construction project along Harvey Road in College Station.

Work to replace a water line was set to start a few weeks ago, but wet weather delayed the project.

Now construction is under way and crews are already making progress.

It's a day in the dirt for these men working as a brand new water main comes along Harvey Road.

Timothy Carter lives in the area and had to take a detour on his walk as crews continue excavating one scoop at a time.

"They've been pretty good so far. You're still able to walk to the store. You're still able to get around and stuff like that. It's probably a little bit of a problem for people going back and forth in their driveways, though at times, but other than that it's all right," said Carter.

Desiree Drummond has a front row seat to the construction. It's happening right in front of her apartment. Westbound Harvey Road will continue to be down to one lane whenever workers are present.

"It's getting, it's starting to get pretty hectic with it being one lane," said Drummond, a College Station resident.

Construction is expected to last the next four months, but when it's finished, will provide better water and fire protection for the neighborhood.

The city has had problems with the aging pipe in the ground now, with residents losing water pressure at times.

"It's probably about once or twice a month," said Drummond.

"I hope the construction project you know what I'm saying, plays out and everybody be happy with the new water system," said Timothy Carter.

So far the work is going well, but you can expect to face some of the construction inconveniences until May.

Right now the majority of the work is happening in front of the new Guitar Center on Harvey Road.

The manager tells us it has not affected business and he's been pleased with the city's communication on the project.

The Plantation Oaks Water Line Rehabilitation Project on the 12 inch water main is expected to cost $621,232 with the work happening between Scarlett O'Hara Drive and Munson Avenue.