Hazardous Materials Collected in Brazos Valley

An estimated 1,400 cars brought 120,000 pounds of hazardous materials. 26 April 2014
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COLLEGE STATION - Several agencies joined forces today as part of the Drug Enforcement Agency's Nationwide Drug Take-Back Event in College Station.

Saturday was trash day in the Brazos Valley...with a hazardous twist.

"We're just taking advantage of this nice facility to dump off a few things that we didn't know how to get rid of," said Jackie Musia, a local resident.

Odds and ends around the house that, left alone, would do more harm than good.

"All the residents of the Brazos Valley to come out and properly dispose of their household hazardous waste. It's an event that we put on twice a year, so we want to divert all that hazardous waste out of the landfill," said Micaela Farrington-Aguilar with Twin Oaks Landfill.

It's absolutely amazing seeing and smelling all the chemicals that are brought in, like a product called "Plastic Wood," along with prescription medications, batteries and old computers. If these things weren't taken care of here, they might go into a landfill or into the water supply. Or even worse, they could end up in the hands of people that might abuse them. It takes a team of people at the collection site to make sure that doesn't happen.

Preventing all that garbage from going to the wrong place isn't the only thing that's going on here.

Some of the oil-based materials that are brought in will be processed to make cement, according to Tony Gagne with Stericycle.

"They're able to take the hazardous waste and use it as a fuel to fire up the kilns that make that cement," Gagne said.

One man's trash made into another man's sidewalk.

The next local collection will take place on October 18th.