Health Dept.: 'A Major Decline' Reported in Local Flu Cases

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BRAZOS COUNTY - The Brazos County Health Department is reporting a recent decline in the number of reported flu cases, though we're still in the middle of flu season.

A look at the county's reported cases of Type A flu since last October shows a pronounced spike around Christmas, before it tapers off to mid-February. Only 29 confirmed, reported cases were reported in Brazos County last week. That's down significantly from a peak of 351 in mid-December.

These numbers do not reflect reports of "flu-like" illnesses, which followed a trend similar to the Type A numbers. Though flu shots are not 100% effective, health experts say the vaccine is the most effective way of protecting yourself and your family. This year's vaccine covers the most common strains of the virus, including the hard-hitting H1N1 strand.

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