Health Experts Answer Flu Questions for KBTX Hotline

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BRYAN Even though it's February and spring is just around the corner, flu season is still very much with us.

Doctors from the College Station Medical Center and experts from the Brazos County Health Department answered questions for a News 3 open hotline on the flu in the KBTX studio.

"Body aches, you're going to have runny nose, you'll have fever."

"It really sounds like you should be checked out. I would give your primary doctor a call for sure."

"It's all about exposure you know, how are you being exposed."

Some of the more common questions revolve around the flu shot. And these experts say it's best to get the shot when it first becomes available in the fall.

"However now, it's not too late you know to get vaccinated. Flu season runs through March, and that's the best way you can protect yourself," says Sara Mendez with the Brazos County Health Department.

And the Brazos County Health Department says one of the flu virus strains going around has a slight variation on symptoms.

Health Department Community Health Services Director Julie Anderson says, "Some people have gotten frustrated that when they're so sick they go and get a negative flu test. But this virus seems to appear to the lower respiratory tract, so they're getting a negative test, but they very much have the flu."

So trust your doctor for treatment, and in some cases that means Tamiflu in the early stages.

"Gives your immune system sort of an edge to then take over the work to rapidly clear the virus from your body," according to Dr. Raj Harrykissoon with the College Station Medical Center.

A lot of questions, health expert answers, and maybe a little peace of mind.