Health for All Works to Fill in the Healthcare Gap

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The healthcare enrollment deadline for Marketplace coverage has long since passed, and millions of Americans continue to be uninsured.

And Texas is leading the pack, according to recent numbers released by the Congressional Budget Office.

Nancy Dickey, the first female president of the American Medical Association, and former president of the Texas A&M Health Science Center was the key note speaker at the Health for All fund raising event in College Station Monday.

Health for All offers free medical help for those lower-income people. The clinic depends on fund raisers, like the one on Wednesday, and volunteers to keep running.

Dickey said there are higher numbers of uninsured people in the Brazos Valley than any other parts of the state. So why so many?

Under the Affordable Health Care Act, anyone not covered will have to pay a fine in the amount of $95 dollars per person, or one percent of your income, whichever is greater. Certain low-income families are exempt from that fine. Dickey said many of those people choose not to get covered at all.

Elizabeth Dickey, Executive Director for Health for All said those patients will typically wait until they are so sick, they need emergency-room care.

"That's a very expensive and reactive way to deal with healthcare," said Dickey.

Dickey said Health for All will be there to fill in the gap until they are no longer needed, but they could always use extra help. If you're interested, click on the link added to this story.