Hearne City Council Member Seen Using Profanity and Racial Slurs In YouTube Rap Video

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HEARNE, Texas Facing the music.

A Hearne City Council Member, seeking re-election, is now the center of a controversy over a rap music video that shows him swearing and using racial slurs.

News 3 spoke with Council Member Matthew Gomez and his opponent about the video we've had to extensively edit because of profanity.

Hearne City Council Member Matthew Gomez is seen drinking with friends doing a freestyle rap, using everything from the f-word to n-word in this amateur music video.

It was posted on YouTube in September 2012 and had just over 500 views before it was brought to our attention.

Hazel Washington Embra is running against Gomez in the May Election.

We showed her the video.

She had enough after just a few seconds

"I'm appalled," she said.

She says the video doesn't represent the city well.

"We're not the people that the news media sometimes makes us to be, and I would like for that to be noted. That's not an acceptable practice," said Washington Embra.

Gomez was not home when we stopped by.

He later declined a request for an on camera interview.

But he told us he's a different person now than when the video was posted more than a year and a half ago. During that time he was dealing with arrests on assault charges.

He received six months probation in the latest case along with restitution and a fine, according to the District Attorney.

Gomez also claims the video was shot at least six years ago, before he took office.

His father, Mayor Ruben Gomez told us off camera he hadn't seen the video but said his son has really turned his life around in the last two years after struggling with alcohol and choosing the wrong friends.

His opponent is not buying it.

"It is just so important that we just have to be careful how we live each day," said Hazel Washington Embra.

She says he should resign.

"We do not want that in our city," she added.

Matthew Gomez believes the timing of the video being reported to us is nothing more than small town, dirty politics.

The video was still available to see on YouTube Monday morning, but it was restricted after we started asking questions.