Hearne City Councilwoman a No-Show at Public Hearing

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HEARNE- A long time Hearne city council member's political reputation is on the line after hundreds of residents signed a petition asking for her resignation. Maxine Vaughn was expected to defend herself at a meeting tonight but was a no show.

Emotions started to boil after Mayor Ruben Gomez announced Councilwoman Maxine Vaughn would not be at tonight's public hearing due to a doctor's appointment. It's a hearing Vaughn allegedly requested and one of several meetings council member Joyce Rattler says Vaughn has missed to address concerns that residents have lost faith in Vaughn's ability to do her job. "We have had all these meeting and she hasn't chose to be at none. If we have another meeting. Is she just gonna drag this on, " Rattler says

Frederick Henderson with the Hearne Oversight Committee says Vaughn does not listen to residents' concerns. " We wanted a street named after Martin Luther King. In the council meeting, she made the motion for it not to pass."

Residents became more angry after they weren't allowed to speak on the matter at all. Mayor Gomez says the meeting was for Vaughn to address the charges against her, and no comments from the public were allowed.

Mayor Gomez says the petition signed by more than 300 residents doesn't make sense and Vaughn is entitled to due process. "Most of the people she talked to didn't even know what they were signing," he says.

We went to the home of Maxine Vaughn who was home, but did not comment on camera. She says she was in the hospital earlier in the day and would comment on the matter at a later date."

But Frederick Henderson with the Hearne Oversight Committee isn't buying it. "It goes to show what kind of council person Ms. Vaughn actually is. That the public has put a petition in for her to resign or be subject to a recall. But it doesn't matter to her to show up or answer to it."

The Hearne City Council will meet Tuesday and vote on whether to put Vaughn on the November ballot for a recall election.