Hearne High School Senior Working To Walk Again For Graduation

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BRYAN - Walking across the stage to grab your diploma at graduation is a right of passage for most teenagers.

But it will be an even bigger accomplishment for a Hearne High School Senior who couldn't walk less than a month ago.

News 3 looks at what happened.

Every movement is a challenge for 18-year-old David Romanos and pretty tiring too as he undergoes physical therapy six days a week at St. Joseph In-Patient Rehab in Bryan.

All of this hard work necessary because of what happened April 14th on Highway 6 south of Calvert.

"There was a fence post in the middle of the road. We hit it and lost control went to the right and flipped and the whole side smashed on my side and woke up we're upward," recalled David Romanos.

Romanos suffered a spinal cord injury and partial paralysis below the waist. He spent a week in the hospital before he was transferred to rehab where his sights have been set on one goal; walking across the stage at graduation

"Just been baby steps. Working everyday or like weekdays and Sunday off. Just been working since the first day I got here in therapy and it's been going good," he said.

"He's always ready he's always enthusiastic," said Phillip Thomas.

Thomas has been by Romanos' side through his recovery and that's right where he'll be when Romanos walks across the stage to get his diploma.

"It's why I come to work everyday is for things like this and to help people like David, so it makes it all worth it and I'm just happy that he's allowing me to share this with him," said Thomas.

Melissa Higgins is the Lead Occupational Therapist.

"Every little thing that he's had to practice and David you can tell them just how much fun therapy is all the time and all of our activities," said Higgins.

'It's tiring... It feels good, it's just hard work for right now, just sore and gotta fight through it," said Romanos.

Fighting to get back on his feet as he steps closer to being a high school graduate.

Hearne High School's graduation ceremony is Friday night at 7:30 in their gym.

David also plans to go to Destin, Florida this summer for vacation and Blinn College in the fall.