Hearne Homeowner Robbed at Gun Point

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Four men break into a Robertson County man's home and rob him at gun-point. Detectives in Hearne have collected DNA from the scene of the crime to try and figure out who’s responsible.

Just six days ago....

“About 1:50 in the morning I woke up because someone was beating on my door,” explained a burglary victim who asked News 3 to keep his identity anonymous for fear of a repeated crime.

The Hearne native says the events that would happen next would have him fearing for his life.

“I went to the door to see who it was and there were 4 men on my porch wearing hoodies and masks,” he said.

The victim say one of the suspects pulled out a pistol, held it in between his eyes as the three others ransacked his home -- all the while his three-year-old little girl was sound asleep in another room.

“I wanted to do something about it, but I didn't know if the gun was loaded or not, and I didn't know if he was going to shoot me, or shoot her,” he said. “I was helpless."

The victim describes the four suspects as: African American; ranging in height from 5"7 to about 6"; and they were wearing basketball shorts and dark colored hoodies and masks.

“They took my 50" flat screen TV, my cell phone and $21 cash from my wallet,” the victim explained. “That's what they took; and for them to threaten my life? I mean, not just mine, but my daughter's, it’s crazy. These things, they could easily afford if they got a job.”

The victim says the men made him count to 20 as they ran out the door.

“When I got to about 19 he opened the door and told me to count to 20 again and then they were gone," he said. “I had to drive to the police department to report the crime because they stole my cell. I’m just glad they didn’t wake or hurt my daughter because that’s not something she needed to see.”

Detectives have since taken fingerprints of the victim's home in hopes will the evidence will lead to a positive identity.

"It's just really sad that people could do something so low and everyone knows everyone in this town, but unfortunately when these things happen, no one knows anyone that's doing them and that's the bad part, so hopefully the police will be able to stop these guys before they hurt someone."