Hearne Police Department Host National Night Out

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In Hearne the signs are up, but some questions remain about the the
celebrations behind National Night out.

"I didn't even know they were having it," said Joy Jackson, Hearne resident.

Coordinators Jessica Vega and Angela Serna are doing some last minute shopping for the big night.

"For us its something that brings the community together that's our goal to bring everyone together,"said Jessica Vega, Communications Supervisor.

There wasn't an event last year due to the lack of manpower at the Police Department . But this year with the help of donations from local businesses Jessica and Angela are gearing up for event.
The city is expecting about 300 people to come out.

The Hearne Police department is hosting National Night Out for the first time and some residents are already excited about it.

Resident Joy wants her son to have fun but learn a lesson..

"..Sure because my son is a little bit afraid of the cops, he just got his driver's license which is a good thing because I want him to be afraid, but yet I want him to be able to trust someone too when I'm not available," said Jackson.

Hearne Police Chief Thomas Williams wants to extend an live branch to the community.

"We're not their enemies we're their friends in need, when they need us," said Chief Thomas Williams.

It's a chance to meet and greet, because you never know when you'll need your neighbors.

"The organized event might help folks kinda get out of their shell, "said Don Connealy.

Benches are being set up as the city aims to bring the town together.