Hearne Residents Accused of Abusing Murdered Man's Credit Card

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ROBERTSON CO., TX -- Two Robertson County residents are connected to a murder investigation more than 100 miles away. During a press conference Friday Austin Police say the suspect admitted to the brutal murder of the 36-year-old Austin resident -- claiming his mind had been telling him to do so for quite some time.

Austin police say 26-year-old Matthew Bacon murdered 36-year-old David Villarreal of Austin with a knife and hammer on the night of July 12th. According to police, the two men went back to the victim's condo in downtown Austin after meeting at a bar. But once the two were inside -- that's when police say Bacon repeatedly hit Villarreal in the back of the head with a hammer he found under the sink. The court document said Bacon stated he had to quote, "finish him off."

Just days after 36-year-old David Villarreal was brutally murdered inside his Austin condo, detectives in Travis County called Hearne Police for help.

"Supposedly the deceased person's credit cards were being used at various places here in Hearne," said Hearne Police Lieutenant Pat Armstrong.

Armstrong says he and his officers continued receiving word of a trail of transactions at Penny's Diner, and the Exxon / Cefco gas station. Police say Ja'Vora Stewart was caught on surveillance cameras inside both businesses using the stolen credit card.

"Early that afternoon our dispatcher advised us that the card was being used at that time at one of the locations here in Hearne," added Armstrong. "It was a convenience store and so we responded there."

Due to the quick actions of Hearne Police, they were able to arrest yet other suspect just moments after the murder victim's credit cards were used at Te-Jo's. Police were able to catch Demarcus Wallace, who also happens to be JaVora's younger brother, as he was pulling out of the parking lot of Te-Jo's.

"We stopped the vehicle identified the driver and with consent he did have possession of the credit card that was being used fraudulently," said Armstrong. "He was not only in possession of the stolen credit card, but he also had receipts of what he had just purchased, but other receipts from other transactions."

As it turns out -- Wallace told police his sister Ja'vora gave him the card to use. According to court documents, Stewart told police the murder suspect walked into the Cefco Gas station in Hearne while she was working and gave her the American Express credit card, stating he was quote, "from Austin and on the run."

"They even admitted a couple of times and the card declined, and they would use it again and it would work," said Armstrong.

Armstrong believes the quick arrest of both suspects was a direct result of teamwork and a matter of being at the right place at the right time.

The investigation remains ongoing. Both subjects have been charged with Credit Card Abuse, a State Jail Felony.

Click on the link below to view the detailed police report of the crime.