Hearne Train Depot Iconic Piece of History

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HEARNE -- The City of Hearne is a small Texas town allows visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.

To understand this peaceful way of life, you may find yourself travelling back in time where a distant train whistle let's you know that once upon a time, Hearne's charm enticed people to visit and when they visited, they came by rail.

Hearne is the first Union pacific designated train town in Texas due to all the trains that used to come through.

Year's ago when locomotives were the fastest mode of transportation, the depot in Hearne was just one stop on the route where people could catch a train.

Citizens in Hearne say the Depot is an iconic structure that is synonymous with Hearne.

And because it was an important part of Hearne's heritage, the old depot was renovated, restored and returned to its past glory with over 100 years of history on display.

And with so many rails Hearne became known as the crossroads of Texas.

Downtown Hearne used to look like spaghetti because there were tenticals of rails going through town.

There were like four passenger trains a day coming through here in each direction. They were going north, south, east and west.

Besides being the main mode of transportation in Robertson County, it played a vital role for farmers.

Kent Brunette says the railroads were important from a passenger perspective as well as a freight perspective. The railroads were how local farmers got their goods to market.