Hearne Woman Uses Facebook to Save Dozens of Dogs

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HEARNE At the Hearne Animal Control Office in Robertson County, city policy says animals have three days to be picked up or they're put to sleep.

"I didn't think it was fair to the animals to be euthanized. It was very unfair that they had to do that based on people not caring," said Benuvard Spiller, Hearne Animal Control Officer.

That's where Debbie Fatheree comes in. She volunteers to walk, feed, and play with every dog whose brought in off the streets. But more importantly, Fatheree saves their lives by finding them a home.

Fatheree created a Facebook page this summer aimed at finding foster and adopted homes for animals facing euthanasia. It's called 'Urgent Animals of Hearne Robertson County Texas'.

"I network them, a lot of people I've known, A lot of people I know know people. People refer people to me," said Fatheree.

The results were immediate...

"We have eight stalls here. They have not been full since Debbie came in," said Spiller.

Fatheree has placed nearly 80 dogs in homes so far, but Spiller says the real measure of success is that not one animal has been put to sleep in three months. He says that's something other cities should take note of.

"There is someone in your community who is willing to come in and do the foot work," said Spiller.

Fatheree says her reason for doing the foot work is simple.

"I've always been an animal advocate," said Fatheree.