Heart Attack Survivor Bicycling Coast To Coast For Charity

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Texas It's a new chapter and a coast to coast bike ride for a man battling coronary artery disease to raise money for charity.

News 3 met up with Bob Quick Thursday afternoon and saw the man on a move as he came through Washington County.

Bob Quick lives up to his name.

He's on the move on a cross country bicycle ride from San Diego to St. Augustine, Florida.

"The hospitality of Texas is second to none, I'll tell you that right now," said Bob Quick of Roy, Utah.

Thursday afternoon we got to speak with him as he and his son Conrad journeyed from La Grange to Navasota.

Following a massive heart attack and briefly being dead in 2004 he's had 16 stents put in and then a pacemaker in April.

"It's right there. It's that wonderful looking, that sticking out. It looks like an iPod but it keeps me ticking," he showed us.

He's biking for charities including the Utah Special Olympics, Wounded Warriors, and the Roy City Fire Department back home in Utah.

"It isn't a race. I'll be the first person to ever do a bicycle trip like this across America in my condition, so I'm quite blessed. My heavenly father's truly blessed me," said Quick.

Their bikes with all the gear and food weigh more than 140 pounds.

His son Conrad is along for the ride keeping an eye on is 53-year-old dad's health.

"There's no one else like him all I've got to say. And yeah he's been a great inspirement I think more than just me so and I think it's really cool to do this with him . It ain't something that I'll ever forget in my life," said Conrad Quick.

As Mormons, they also wear a t-shirt with a quote for the journey.

"If you don't believe in God you are a fool because if it wasn't for God he wouldn't be here," said Conrad Quick.

"Hopefully I can prove to people that just because you have a disability, you've been discriminated against that you can get up and you can do something," said Bob Quick.

With lots of pedal power they push east enjoying life out on the road.

Bob Quick and his son are staying at the Navasota Fire Station and leave early Friday morning through Anderson to New Waverly.

His goal is to raise $1 million.

If you'd like to help or follow his journey we have a link to his blog and Facebook page in the related links section of this story.