Heavy Rainfall Floods Streets and Creeks in Bryan-College Station

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Most areas in Bryan and College Station got four inches or less, but it still caused some problems. We needed the rain, but the deluge sent creeks and rivers overflowing, flooded streets, and stranded numerous vehicles.

The College Station Fire Department had to rescue a couple trapped in high water near off Highway 30 near Veterans Park early this morning. A pregnant woman was having contractions and was on the way to the hospital with the expectant father when they got stranded.
The mother-to-be was transported to the hospital. We don't know if she had the baby yet, but we're told the woman is doing fine.

Burton Creek in Bryan overflowed its banks at the height of the storm.
While it quickly receded, Patsy Boedeker says she's lived 50 yards from the creek for more than 40 years and has only seen the water this high a couple of times. She says, "Well it's higher than it's been in a year and a half. It's coming over the bridge and gushing down my driveway about halfway. Quite scary. "

Patsy's neighbor. Shaun Lewis, had to help a stranded driver whose car didn't make it though about two feet of water when the creek spilled over into Rosemary Drive. Lewis says, "He had driven through the flood and got stuck. It must have sucked up a bunch of water in his motor and the car just shut off. Everything locked down"

There were six water rescues overnight, but luckily no one was seriously injured.