Heavy Rains A Welcome Sight, But Also Bring Accidents to B/CS Area

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BRYAN, Texas Heavy rain earlier Friday flooded some area streets and highways, and caused a number of wrecks, including at least one rollover.

A Bryan School bus also slid off the road.

It's a site we haven't seen in what seems like ages in Bryan / College Station.

Heavy rain came in several waves throughout the day.

A woman was taken to the hospital after a Brazos County Constable says her Ford Escape rolled three times on Highway 6 near the F-M 159 intersection between College Station and Navasota. She was trapped but did not suffer serious injuries and investigators say she lost control even though she was going under the speed limit.

Downpours also hit northen Brazos County where a Bryan ISD School Bus slid into a ditch hitting a stop sign on F-M 2223 south of OSR.

"There was one child on board. No injuries were reported in the accident and the bus was able to drive away under its own power," said Captain David Thomas of the Brazos County District 2 Volunteer Fire Department.

Thomas believes rain played a role.

"If everybody could please slow down during these wet conditions. Pay attention to the cars in front of you and what's going on around you," Thomas added.

Just north of there in Robertson County on Highway 6 drivers like Fred Cerda of Houston were encountering heavy rain.

"It's a little tough driving through it you know kind of trying to stay in the lane," said Cerda.

"We need it, we need it bad but it's so dry it's just kind of running off," said Dennis G. McKamie of Robertson County.

"It is kind of dangerous driving on the highway with the heavy rains, so you've got to be extra careful. Drive five miles lesser," said Terrance Chavez of Hearne.

Some good advice for a safe drive home.

Some areas of Robertson County near Wheelock saw as much as five inches of rain.