From B/CS to Joplin: Helping Disaster Victims

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The relief drive is now over after KBTX Media joined forces with Bryan Broadcasting to collect supplies here in the Brazos Valley to help survivors of the Joplin tornado. Join KBTX reporter Michael Oder Wednesday as he travels to Joplin to deliver the items you donated.


*10 P.M. Update*

It was an outpouring of love and support as hundreds of Brazos Valley residents help tornado ravaged Joplin, Missouri,

KBTX teamed up with Bryan Broadcasting to send supplies, from bottled water, toiletries, tarps, and even cash for the stricken area.

The event at Crystal Park Plaza turned out a success after the three rental trucks were filled to the brim and the drive had to end early because there wasn't any more room.

All day Monday News 3 asked for your help and viewers have answered in a huge way.

The Brazos Valley is giving back to those who need it most.

Car after car came to the Crystal Park Plaza Building in College Station for a supply drive for tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri.

Kathy Morales came from Hearne to help our neighbors to the north.

"I figured we could do a little part to help we had diapers in the garage and extra wipes and baby blankets that we didn't need anymore so I figured we'd put 'em to good use," said Kathy Morales.

The monster storm has killed at least 122 people in Joplin and injured at least 750.

Now everything from bottled water, to tarps, and even basic household items are being loaded up on three rental trucks.

Ben Downs with Bryan Broadcasting said they've already exceeded their goal which was originally to fill just one truck.

"Well obviously there's a great need up there and in Bryan/ College Station we've always been the kind of people who take things into our own hands and help when we can and I think the turnout today that
was the right thing to do," said Ben Downs.

Others like Jerry Brewer of Brazos County, wasn't surprised at B/CS's generosity.

"My son and his family went through Katrina over in New Orleans so we went over and helped them cleanup and cut trees and so got a first hand look at what happens with these kind of disasters so thought I'd help," said Jerry Brewer.

"It's horrible to see that and my family has actually been in a tornado, similar situation and it's never good so I figured even the little bit we did would help somebody," said Kathy Morales.

These three trucks will be heading out bright and early at 6 A.M. getting into the Joplin Area Wednesday night.

A special thank you to Bryan Broadcasting for organizing the event as well as all of you who took time out of your day to come here to help.

News 3's Michael Oder will be with the team delivering the donations to hard hit Joplin, Missouri.

We will have his stories and accounts of the damage Wednesday evening on News 3.

UPDATE: 8:30pm - The drive has ended. All three trucks are filled and the drive cannot accept anymore items.


KBTX Media and Bryan Broadcasting are joining forces to collect supplies from the Brazos Valley to help the survivors of the Joplin tornado.

The town of Joplin has been devastated by Sunday night's storms. To help, we’re going to collect the following goods to send immediately:

*Toiletries (Of ALL KINDS. They need it all!)
*Baby Formula


Morning Candy, Brazos Valley This Morning, and WTAW will broadcast live Tuesday morning from the front of the Crystal Park Plaza (2700 Earl Rudder Fwy South in College Station) starting at 6. We’ll keep going until we’ve filled the biggest truck we can find.

As soon as we’ve filled the truck, we’re driving it there ourselves.

You can drop off goods starting at 6 a.m.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Let’s show Joplin how much we care.

Donations will be accepted until 10:30 p.m.