Helping Deal with Manziel Media Mania

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When you win the biggest individual prize in all of college football and one of the biggest honors in all of sports, you might imagine that the media would want to talk to you.

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is certainly learning that first-hand after "Johnny Football" became "Johnny Heisman" Saturday night in New York City.

"The Heisman Trust and all the people that work with the Heisman Trophy have been outstanding," said Aggie Athletics Sports Information Director Alan Cannon. "The really make the best use of our time and accomodate as many people as possible."

Immediately following his big win, Manziel taped an interview that aired throughout the night and next morning on ESPN. He was whisked from the Best Buy Theater to the Marriott Marquis hotel to meet with media, answering questions from national reporters to a journalist from Kerrville, where he played high school football.

Sunday morning, Manziel spoke to News 3 about his experiences, then went to shoot interviews with major media outlets. Monday, he'll tape an appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman," which airs on KBTX at 10:35 p.m.

Cannon has been with Manziel from his visit to the College Football Awards Show earlier in the week in Orlando to New York City.

"Anything that Johnny approaches, whether it's football, whether it's academics, whether it's media, he works at it, and he wants to get better," Cannon said. "He wants to be the very best, and I think you could see that with his speech last night."

It was a speech watched by millions who saw the first freshman to ever win the Heisman, and just the second Aggie.

"What a great honor it is to bring this trophy back to College Station," he told KBTX afterwards.

With the trophy comes attention going forward. He's arguably the most talked about athlete in the nation. How do you prepare a 20-year-old for that?

"Luckily, he had been in Kerrville, in San Antonio, so he had some exposure previously," Cannon said. "He comes from a great family, and so he's very grounded. He's got some good friends who are close to him. They're not going to let that head get too big."

Cannon also said Manziel's teammates will help in that cause, and that Manziel knows he wouldn't be where he is without them.

Advice for the young man?

"Just to relax and enjoy it," Cannon said. "We're going to try to make sure we don't wear him out, that this is really a great experience. Just take a few moments and enjoy it."