Hempstead Citizens Fundraise To Combat Landfill Proposal

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The group, Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead gathered donations and gently used goods from residents to host a fundraiser to fight against the proposed Pintail Landfill on Highway 6 in Hempstead.

Residents say that Green Group Holdings, LLC is the landfill agency that submitted the application to the TCEQ. The application is technically complete with a draft permit, which means the information about the application is available to the public. Although, residents say so far no permit to begin building has been issued.

The application process has been ongoing for 18 months. And there have been three public hearings regarding the landfill proposal.

It was not an ordinary garage sale in Hempstead. Residents purchase jewelry, clothes, furniture and home goods. Barbeque meals were also available. Over $5,500 was collected in sales and donations at the garage sale.

People came out and shopped up to show their support to the group.

"It's like a fantastic way to support the landfill because it's a win, win situation every one like a deal," said Tobi Kosanke, Hempstead resident.

Residents explained why the proposal should be trashed.

"Hempstead is going to be known as a little garbage can between Houston and Brenham. Nobody is gonna want to come here if that land fill goes in," said Kosante.

If the landfill is built, it will be 723 acres and located one mile north of the intersection of Highway 290 and Highway 6.

Dennis Smelser lives in walking distance from the proposed site.

"The main problem is what it's going to do in contamination of water, well water, our environment from the standpoint of air, the contamination and pollution. It's going to create the methane gases and such," said Dennis Smelser.

Many residents have concerns about a possible decrease in property values and a negative environmental impact.

This Citizens group has filed a lawsuit against the TCEQ and says the bills to fight the proposal are up to $30,000 dollars a month right now.

"We've got to have other fundraisers its an expensive fight we're asking for people that can to contribute what they can at their level . We need alot of money to pay our legal fees and others but we're gonna find a way no matter what it takes to do so."

Citizens of Hempstead say they have a long road ahead, but seeing the support from the community, like this fundraiser, gives them enough strength to continue to fight.

The next public meeting is scheduled is set for January 24, 2013.

More information is available on the Website for Citizens Against the Landfill.