Henderson Elementary Students Report Suspicious Person To Teachers During Recess

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BRYAN, Texas Bryan ISD has increased police patrols at Henderson Elementary in Bryan after a suspicious man was seen by a number of students playing on the playground this week.

The students said that man gestured for them to come towards him, but they instead went straight to teachers.

The principal sent a note home Thursday with every student explaining what happened.

Four Henderson Elementary School Students saw something suspicious during recess Wednesday in Bryan.

The school district says they saw a middle-aged Hispanic male wearing a dark hoodie kneeling in the woods beyond the playground.

The man motioned for them to come near him as they stood near a soccer goal.

The students immediately told teachers.

Le Hale has two kids at Henderson and her third grade daughter was outside when it happened.

"She told me about the incident and immediately had a letter, so we were notified and I appreciate that. They're changing the policy here at the school that when they're on the playground there's a teacher supposed to be over in that area at all times," said Hale.

While we don't know what the man's intentions were school officials say students handled the situation correctly and they stressed the importance of if you see something you need to say something.

Police searched the woods and area and couldn't find the man.

Becca Graham has lived in the neighborhood for eight years and believes the district handled the situation well.

"Maybe giving the parents more of a platform to talk to their kids about being careful around strangers, but they also didn't instill a lot of fear and I think that's important, because if we fear then we won't do anything and the kids will not feel safe enough to play. So you have to have a balance," said Graham.

"It's a year-round awareness. Any activity that appears to be suspicious ought to be reported, ought to be mentioned to authorities, ought to be mentioned to schools," said Brandon Webb, Bryan ISD Director of Communications.

"Sometimes we get comfortable so it's nice to be reminded that they're sadly are issues that we need to continually discuss with our kids," added Le Hale.

A word of warning parents need to know.

Bryan Police are continuing to patrol the area for the next several days.

We have the letter sent home to parents attached in the related documents section of this story.