"Here in 1938" Signs Feature Historic Homes in College Station

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A lot has changed over the last 75 years, but one home on Bell Street in College Station has been part of the College Park neighborhood from the beginning.

Jerry Cooper says he's always been interested in history, so it makes sense that his home is part of College Station's.

"We've been working for years trying to preserve this neighborhood, and it's being slowly taken over by rental properties and that's something we have to deal with," said Cooper.

Despite all the new homes and student-living apartments popping up around town, Cooper says there are a lot of homes like his that have been there since 1938.

Around 100 homes in College Station are as old as the city itself. 55 of them have signs outside celebrating the city's 75th anniversary.

The Jessup family currently lives in a home on Lee Ave. that was built in 1936.

"It's nice to be able to look back 75 years, but we also need to look forward 25 years. One of the things I'm happy about this city is that they are staying ahead," said Hillary Jessup.

An appreciation of College Station's rich history is why both Jessup and Cooper have been helping plan the city's 75th anniversary for more than three years now.

"It just makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger than myself," said Cooper.

Cooper hopes seeing these signs will make some of the newer members of the community stop and appreciate the city's history too.