High Schoolers Prepare for Thanksgiving Feast for Needy in Bryan

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Ninth graders at Hammond Oliver High School for Human Sciences in Bryan are giving a helping hand at a local shelter.

Students are preparing for the big meal on Thursday

"Today, they are working here and cleaning baseboards, cleaning doors and organizing food; all in preparation to give out food to those in need," said Jessica Jewell.

"It's so touching as a teacher to see how our students interact with community members and give back to the community," said Jewell.

Kristen Morales spares nothing to make sure others have a clean place to eat.

"Not a lot of people get to spend time with their family or can afford a Thanksgiving meal," said Kristen Morales, volunteer.

Over 60 students from Hammond High School volunteered at the Twin City Mission shelter by prepping the facility to jump start the Thanksgiving feast. On Thursday, it's expected that over 600 meals will be served. The event is open to the community. Anyone needing a hot meal is invited to come out.

Zac Pollock, a ninth grader, says more kids need to help out.

"Most teenagers are just worried about video games and their girlfriends and boyfriends and just to help out it's different. It reaches out to other people and gets their attention," said Pollock.

Students say it's a good feeling to help someone else.

After a day of giving, these high schoolers head back to school so others can be thankful for what has been done here.

The Thanksgiving Feast has been a tradition in Bryan for 48 years. About 50 volunteers will be serving hot meals Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.