Highway 6 Construction Causes Traffic, Headaches in Area

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BRYAN, Texas Road work along Highway 6 in Bryan is causing major delays in the area, and testing the patience of drivers.

Texas Department of Transportation crews have shut down an entrance and exit ramp on the southbound side of Highway 6 between William J Bryan and Briarcrest.

TexDot officials promise the work will benefit the public in the end, but for now, drivers in the area are making the best of a bad situation.

Marty Criswell lives near the construction area. He said the traffic has affected his entire neighborhood, but he knows in the end, it's for the best.

"To me, it's just growing pains," said Criswell. "It's improvements. I appreciate what they're doing to improve our community and make things better for everybody."

Roger Garrett also lives near the work. He said he and his neighbors know how to get around the worst of it.

"Our neighborhood is built around a golf course. We've all learned to get in and out of the neighborhood in different ways, so we're pretty good with escape routes," said Garrett.

It's best to avoid the area during rush-hour traffic times. But for those who can't, the long wait can take some adjustments.

Jared Stavinoha is a freshman at near by Blinn College. His route to school takes him directly through the traffic. He said he's tried different routes, but they don't save him much, if any time.

"A lot of my class times are when school lets out and around rush hour," said Stavinoha. "The first day of class, I didn't expect the traffic, so I was about 20 minutes late."

TexDot officials said this project is part of a $9.6 million ramps project along Highway 6. This part is expected to finish up in a couple of months, the remaining project should finish up sometime in December of 2014.