Hit And Run Driver On Loose After Crashing Into College Station Backyard

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas A College Station woman is making a personal plea for a driver to come forward after crashing into the backyard of her rental home, causing extensive damage.

The loud crash happened early Saturday morning, and as News 3 explains, this isn't the first time the woman has faced a very tough time.

It's a big mess in the backyard of Patricia Lassiter's rental house after a driver came crashing in and fled early Saturday morning in the 1100 block of San Saba Circle in College Station.

"Well it took out this post as you can see we just put it back temporarily and this post was sitting all the way over here behind the barbecue. It was resting right here," said Patricia Lassiter.

The Lassiter's tenants were out of town at the time of accident. The home was her son Adam Lassiter's before he passed away.

You may remember News 3's stories on the Former A&M Corps of Cadets Member and active Air Force Airman First Class who accidentally drowned while canoeing in the Spokane River in Washington in March 2012.

He was missing more than a month.

"Well Saturday morning, which was our son's birthday who went missing a couple years ago, we got a phone call from the neighbor and said that there had been an explosion and they didn't know what had happened," she said.

It wasn't an explosion but lumber and debris flying everywhere.

While we don't know yet exactly how much it will cost to fix all this damage, Patricia Lassiter tells us she's worried and doesn't have the money to make the repairs herself.

"My husband lost his job because he was real sick at Christmas and so we have no income and yet we're expected to fix this. And I was really kind of upset that somebody would just do this. It happened about 12:30 A.M. on Friday night and our neighbor said it was a black or navy dark GMC Pickup Truck that was lifted like a monster truck," she said.

While no one was hurt, the tenants' two dogs got out after the fence was knocked down and one of their labs was killed by a car.

Lassiter is hoping someone will come forward to take responsibility for paying for repairs.

"Oh please, please own up to it. We need that help and I'm just asking please," she said.

College Station Police are continuing to investigate and it's unclear at this time why the driver fled or if alcohol was involved.

The Lassiters have insurance for the rental home, but have a nearly $10,000 deductible and are still waiting to get a damage estimate from their insurance company.