Home Security Camera Catches Thief Stealing UPS Package from Porch

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A homeowner in College Station had their holiday packages stolen right off their front porch, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Many of you have been expecting packages over the last several weeks -- but since the holidays are typically the busiest days of the year, authorities say thieves are looking for an easy way steal. And we've seen evidence of a Grinch in action. Take a look at this surveillance video from a home in the Raintree subdivision in College Station.

This happened Thursday around 5:30 in the evening and you can see a dark-colored sedan slowly drive by the man's home -- he then turns back around in his car and pulls up in front of the home It appears to be a white male and you can see him getting out of the car, running up to the door step, and without hesitation, he picks up the package and then takes off.

The homeowner who wishes to remain anonymous says he wasn't home at the time the UPS driver dropped off a present at his door step.

"Normally I would have been home at the time he showed up so it kind of angered me that I wasn't there to stop it, to even ward him off,” said the homeowner.

The package, which totaled $150, was shipped from his sister. He did call and make the companies aware of the situation and he says they've already re-shipped the items that were stolen.