Homeless Woman Arrested, Charged with Prostitution

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COLLEGE STATION A keen hotel manager is responsible for alerting police to a homeless woman using his hotel for prostitution.

College Station police got a complaint that 35-year-old Itzel Clarisa Johnson was engaging in prostitution at the La Quinta on Texas Avenue. The manager remembered that Johnson had previously had complaints about prostitution and officers remember her last name from a previous prostitution arrest.

Officers knew that Johnson also posted on websites commonly used for prostitution. They located an ad that listed specific amounts for specific amounts of time, along with revealing photos.

CSPD officers watched the hotel and saw Johnson enter her room. Police then noticed a man knock on the door and enter the room. According to the report, he only stayed 20 minutes. Police stopped the man after he left and asked what he was doing there. He told police he saw the ad online.

The man admitted to paying Johnson for her services.

Police knocked on the door to the room Johnson was staying in. According to the arrest report, officers noticed a silver colored marijuana grinder and a small baggie of marijuana on the bed behind her.

They arrested Johnson and charged her with prostitution and possession of marijuana. She was booked into the Brazos County Jail under $4,000 bond, but has since bonded out.