Hope Pregnancy Center Serving Growing Need

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BRYAN, Texas A local crisis pregnancy organization continues growing nearly six months after Planned Parenthood closed its Bryan facility.

Sunday hundreds of people attended a fundraiser for the organization.

News 3 looked into how Hope Pregnancy Center is answering the call for help.

Brittany Gordon like many new moms loves showing pictures of her kids.

"I wouldn't change it for the world," she said.

As a freshman in college she had an unplanned pregnancy.

Now an office assistant at Hope Pregnancy Center, she turned to the organization back then for help.

"Hope just really helped me because they gave me support and just helped me kind of know that it's all going to be ok and gave me lots of resources and tons of different things like that," she said.

Sunday afternoon organizers say more than 1,000 meals were served at their Sanctity of Human Life fundraiser at Bryan High School.

Since Planned Parenthood closed its operations last August, Hope Pregnancy Center saw a spike in people turning to them for help.

They served 1,570 people last year and anticipate 1800 this year.

"There's no charges for any of our services at all," said Tracy Frank, the Hope Pregnancy Center Executive Director.

"While Planned Parenthood is closed abortion is still two hours away and a lot of people are coming first to see us before they make a decision and make that drive," said Frank.

Some of the services they provide include pregnancy tests and ultrasounds and parenting education.

"We are a faith-based , pro-life organization, but we do want people to choose life but we want also primarily for them to have all the information necessary to make a good decision," she said.

Brittany Gordon's son Keaton is now two-and-a-half. She was able to graduate college and is excited about the future.

"My relationship with Christ has helped a lot through everything, but it's important to remember that everyone does makes mistakes and there is always a way to overcome that," said Gordon.

Hope Pregnancy Center says it also offers referrals for services it doesn't provide like birth control.

Last summer at the time of their closing in Bryan, Planned Parenthood told us 90 percent of patients who came through their doors were there for things like family planning and healthcare.

Only ten percent were for abortions.