Horse Burned In Madison County

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On Sunday morning neighbors reported an animal burning to the Madison County Sheriff's department.

"The owner of the horse had apparently covered the horse with furniture and other debris and then set the pile on fire," said Larry Shiver, Criminal Investigator.

Neighbors say they didn't see this coming.

"I don't' know if they shot it, killed it stabbed or what but all I know is that Friday the horse was alive and kicking," said Tim Mach.

Belinda Mach lives next door and says she noticed the horses were in a bad state. Mach says she called the Sheriff's Department along with rescue services for help.

"People talk about rescue this rescue that but when you try nobody wants to be there for you. Nobody wants to help," said Belinda Mach.

The horse that was killed was named Sparkle.

The Mach family are horse lovers and say Sparkle had a special, twinkle in her eyes.

"She had a black mane and black tail. She was real pretty, a beautiful horse."

Deputies are looking into Sparkle's death and whether or not to file charges.

"Right now what we would do is charge animal cruelty charges on the owner itself," said Shiver.

Animal cruelty charges are a class A misdemeanor.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department is not releasing the name of the horse owner, but are expecting to issue a warrant by the end of the week.We also called True Blue Animal Rescue, left a message and have not received a response yet.