House GOP Floats Alternative to Emerging Senate Plan

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WASHINGTON (AP) - House Republican leaders are floating a new plan to counter an emerging Senate deal on reopening the government and avoiding a default. But Democrats are blasting it and it's getting mixed reviews from the rank and file.

The proposal would suspend a new tax on medical devices for two years and take away the federal government's contributions to health care for lawmakers and top administration officials. It would also fund the government through Jan. 15 and give Treasury the ability to borrow normally through Feb. 7.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called it a blatant attack on bipartisanship that won't pass the Senate.

The White House described it as "a partisan attempt to appease a small group of tea party Republicans."

House Speaker John Boehner says he's "trying to find a path forward." He says "there have been no decisions about exactly what we will do."

The proposal came as a partial government shutdown entered its third week and less than two days before the Treasury Department says it will be unable to borrow money to pay the country's bills.