Houston Man Arrested After Breaking into Apartment, Stealing Guns

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A Houston man is in jail after College Station police arrested him for breaking into an apartment and stealing two guns.

Police say that Houston resident Jeremiah Altamiranda, 19, broke into an apartment at Parkway Place in the 1300 block of FM 2818 Thursday afternoon.

A resident of that apartment came home and noticed the front door was locked from the inside. The resident figured his roommate was home, but after ringing the doorbell and knocking he decided to go in through door on the balcony.

After getting into the apartment, the resident heard the front door open and slam shut. According to the police report, the resident ran downstairs to see Altamiranda fleeing his apartment with his hunting rifle, his roommate's shotgun under his arms.

The resident chased after Altamiranda, who was getting into a white Mazda 626. The resident pulled out a razor knife and slashed a back tire, then punched out a rear window.

Witnesses nearby saw the whole incident and wrote down the license plate number of the white Mazda. Police tracked that vehicle to an residence at Windsor Pointe Apartments in the 2500 block of Central Park Lane. Police found Altamiranda and the stolen guns inside.

Altamiranda told police that he went to the apartment at Parkway Place to buy marijuana. When no one answered the door, he decided he would break in and steal the marijuana. Once inside, he didn't find any weed, but did see two guns by the door. He decided to steal the guns.

While inside the apartment, Altamiranda heard someone entering through another door. He unlocked and ran out through the front door.

Altamiranda was arrested and charged with Burglary of a Habitation, which is a second degree felony. He is in the Brazos County Jail under $5,000 bond.

Altamiranda, 19, of Houston, was arrested Thursday for breaking into an apartment in College Station and stealing two guns.