Howdy Farm Forced to Relocate with Development of West Campus Dorms

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COLLEGE STATION Volunteers are harvesting their crops on the Howdy Farm, but they won't be able to for much longer. The student run produce farm on Texas A&M's campus is popular at local farmers markets, but soon the rich soil will be filled with concrete for the new West Campus dorms.

"Seeing the farm go away and seeing the field I've been working on for two years... it's disheartening," said David Smith, a Texas A&M University senior.

Smith is the president of a student organization that runs the farm.

"This place has a personal connection to me" Smith said. He said the 46 acres of land was first harvested in 2009, and it also allows students to get hands on experience with sustainable farming and agriculture.

Even though the Howdy Farm will be completely wiped off this property, they hope to not completely disappear. They are working with the university to make sure students can still grow their produce. "It is sad to see the green space go," said Corey Wahl, a agricultural research technician for Texas A&M AgriLife. "You see rabbits running around, birds and when the sun is coming up it's a very nice view."

Wahl oversees the farm and isn't giving up hope. "I think we need to move forward in a positive direction and try to integrate ourselves into the development and try to move forward with that," Wahl said.

The farm is in the process of moving to another part of campus, so they can still sell their produce throughout the construction and teach students how produce works from the ground up.