Human Remains Found In Milam County

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MILAM COUNTY – An autopsy is being performed on human remains found in Milam County.

The remains were found Saturday in a densely wooded area north of Milam County Road 104.

Volunteer crews with Search Dog Network of Bryan and Sheriff’s Deputies were looking for any evidence of Travis Curry who was reported missing about five weeks ago. Curry’s family was notified about the remains, but the Sheriff’s Office cannot identity them without forensic analysis.

Milam County Sheriff’s Investigators processed the area around the find and then released the remains, to Marek, Burns and Laywell Funeral Home. The remains were then transported to the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy and to hopefully obtain a positive identification.

Sheriff David Greene thanked the volunteers for their professionalism and dedication. Once the remains were located in an area that was very dense with trees, weeds and poison ivy; the search crew then had to make a path for investigators to access the location.

“It is amazing how incredibly dedicated and thorough those teams are,” said Sheriff Greene.