Hundreds Gather to Raise Money for Constable Bachmann's Family

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It’s been two and half months since a tragic mass shooting in College Station left three people dead and injured several others. The memory of that day is still fresh on many people's minds, especially the families and close friends of the victims.

That's why friends of Constable Brian Bachmann held a benefit to help his family get through their first Christmas without him.

“With the strength of Donna Bachmann and the strength of those kids...They're survivors,” said Judge Mike McCleary.

And they aren't alone. At least a hundred people gathered at the River Bend Polo Club in Wellborn to remember Bachmann.

“Brian was a very close personal friend of mine, a constable in my precinct, a bailiff in my court, and my good friend. A lot of people out here knew Brian and knew him well. He seems to be a friend of everybody in the community's, so we thought we would have a fun Sunday afternoon to honor him,” said McCleary.

Those in attendance honored Bachmann by raising money for his family for the holidays.

“When their father is really on their minds during Christmas they can get away and enjoy some family time and get through this first Christmas because it’s going to be hard for the young kids,” said Beverly Greenwood, one of the organizers of the benefit.

The Bachmann family says the community has already given them too much, but Judge McCleary- and at least a hundred other people- disagree.

“The love of the community just keeps flowing. Some things you just can't turn off,” said McCleary.