Huntsville PD, Walker County DA to Enforce 'No Refusal' Night

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HUNTSVILLE On the night of August 29, 2013, the Huntsville Police Department will have additional Patrol Officers on duty in an effort to reduce the number of intoxicated drivers on our roadways.

Moreover, with the assistance of the Walker County District Attorney’s office and City of Huntsville Municipal Court Judge John Gaines, the night of August 29 will be one of “no refusal.”

As part of a “no refusal” initiative, attorneys with the District Attorney’s office and Judge Gaines will be available to obtain search warrants for the blood of individuals who refuse to submit to a breath test. A nurse will also be available at the Walker County Jail to assist with the taking of blood samples.

“We participated in the ‘No Refusal’ initiative last year with a good deal of success,” HPD Chief Kevin Lunsford said. “We observed there to be fewer impaired drivers on the road with many people taking advantage of designated drivers.
“We hope to have the same success this year.”

Huntsville currently has two taxi services available, including Reliable Cab Service, (936) 295-3606 and Quick Service Taxi, (936) 295-3606.

Before going out, HPD encourages the use of designated drivers, a person within a group who agrees to not drink alcoholic beverages and stay sober for the safety of others. Many establishments support this alternative and offer free soft drinks to designated drivers.

As well, some apartment complexes offer late night shuttles to their residents so that they may avoid driving while intoxicated, and it is advised to confirm the existence of the service prior to making driving arrangements.

“Our local law enforcement community wants all citizens on the roadways to be safe,” Lunsford said. “We hope this initiative contributes to that goal.”