Huntsville Students Shake Up Homecoming Traditions

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HUNTSVILLE, Texas Students at Huntsville High School are rallying behind a very special student for homecoming queen this year.

Estafania Martinez, 18, had complications at birth that left her with brain damage. Doctors said she'd never walk or talk, but her mother never gave up hope.

"Sometimes the doctors are right. But the more important thing is God," her mother said.

Now she's a senior in high school and making friends wherever she goes. Teachers and students said Martinez goes out of her way every day to help others when she can.

"Estefania is one of those people who doesn't need a last name," said senior class president, Alexis Simental. "When you say Estefania, everyone knows."

Now a group of Martinez's friends decided to try and give back to the girl who's dedicated her life to serving others.

Bayley Stockwell, Allison Echols and Courtney Tibiletti, all high school seniors, got together and sent out a tweet to drum up support for Martinez. Her fellow seniors responded, and now martinez has made it to the third and final round for homecoming queen.

"She said, Mommy, I'm the princess!" said her mother.

Tibiletti said Martinez is a deserving candidate.

"She always loves to hug people, give people high fives, shake everyone's hands," said Tibiletti.

A final vote is scheduled for Monday. The winner will be announced at Friday's homecoming game against Magnolia.

Martinez said she's not nervous, and doesn't want to get her hopes up, but picked out a dress, just in case..

Martinez said if she wins, she plans to celebrate with her mother at her favorite restaurant.